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How much? Replace your Td5 Heated Seat switch for less

Date: 05.12.2018Post by: admin

Don't fancy shelling out £70 for a replacement heated seat switch (YUG102440, YUG102430). Here's our cheats guide to replace the switch for just £17.

The Td5 Defender heated seat switch is one of those random Genuine LR parts with a hefty price tag, this switch also used on the Discovery 1 & 2 has traditionally been a headache to replace in a dashboard that's over 20 years old. Happily we've discovered there is a solution.

Defender Td5 Dashboard

The Td5 Heated Seat switch and the Defender Tdci switches and Td5 (top row) are in fact the same switch, the only difference is the rotation of the switch. This means the Tdci heated seat switch will go straight into the Td5 heated seat switch hole, you just have to rotate the switch so its portrait instead of landscape. That's not quite enough though, as those of you who are way ahead of me will have realised that although the switch fits in the hole and works with the existing wiring, the legend/ picture of the heated seat is now at 90 degrees.

Defender Td5 Heated Seat Switch

So close and yet so far... which brings me to your old heated seat switch, if you remove the rocker from the switch all you need to do is attach the old rocker to the new switch and hey presto you've saved yourself £45!

A way to save even more money is to just buy the Tdci switch body, that way you can clip your old rocker onto the new body and you've got a replacement switch for £17! The drawback of this is that all Defender switches have a keyway down the side of the switch, so each switch will only fit into it's allocated hole in the dashboard.

The keyway on the replacement switch body is in the 'wrong' location so it won't easily slide into place like the original switch.


However this can be rectified by simply removing the keyway with a craft knife, now the switch will slide into place, still be secure, and best of all you saved your hard earned cash for those important things in life... Like Beer.

To Summarise

1. Remove the rocker from your broken Td5 Heated Seat Switch.
2. Purchase either the Tdci Heated Seat Switch or the Tdci/Td5 off-on switch body.
3. Click the old rocker onto the new switch.
4. Re-fit (don't forget to cut the keyway off the switch if you purchased the cheaper switch body only).

Tdci Heated Seat Switch- YUF500150LNF

Tdci/Td5 Off-On Switch Body Only- BA 10299S

Comments 1

  • Best to stick with the Genuine TDCi heated seat switch (YUF500150LNF), as this is internally configured exactly the same as the TD5 (and D2) heated seat switches (YUG102440 and YUG102430).

    YUF500150LNF is a live-switching switch.

    YUG000540LNF, on which the Bearmach switches are based, is an earth-switching switch, which is difficult to wire correctly without a relay - see my diagram on your fitting instructions page -

    If you use YUG000540LNF to switch a live from pin 1 to pin 4, it will work - but, the illumination and tell-tale LEDs won't work.

    YUG000540LNF can easily be modified internally to become a live-switching switch, I posted details of this on the LR4x4 forum, here -

    Modified in this manner, it would be fine as an accessory switch - but, it would still be incompatible with the factory wiring for heated seats.


    Paul McConnell


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