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A Real Defender!

Date: 01.01.2016Post by: admin

As the Land Rover Defender entered its final year it's with some irony that while the world is celebrating the passing of a 4x4 Icon, right now the Land Rover Defender industry is seemingly obsessed with creating Land Rovers crammed full of quilted leather, exterior bling, oversize tyres and lowered suspension that are a million miles away from what made the Defender the legend it is. With this in mind, MUD set out to create a 'real' Defender.

The MUD Defender will be equipped to do all of the things a Land Rover is supposed to do and will be heading off into the kind of landscapes where Defenders should be seen.

The first stop was Austria to the workshop of Offroad Hesch 4x4 who carried the pop-top conversion that will provide sleeping accommodation for two.

You can follow the build via our Facebook and Instagram pages, links below.

MUD Pop Top Build. A Real Defender! 'search' mudstuffuk

Remember. Steel wheels rock!







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