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GMB Sand Ladder Bracket

Date: 27.04.2012Post by:

German made Sand Ladder Brackets made from Stainless-Steel

£130.00 inc VAT

These Sand Ladder Brackets are designed to fit on Station Wagon models but will also fit to the side panels of Van models.

The level of attention to detail in the finish is exquisite.

The brackets wrap around the window frame on Defender Station Wagon models.

With the sand-ladders in place they create a secure window barrier.

With the optional hinge, you can turn your sand ladder into an easy to deploy table/shelf. £99.00 inc VAT

A range of fasteners are also available to secure your sand ladder to the bracket.

Locking Hand Wheel- £36.00 inc VAT

Non Locking Hand Wheel- £16.00 inc VAT

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