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Beach Rover 110 update

Date: 14.03.2011Post by:

At our last installment we had just chopped holes into the roof panel to fit the Alpine windows. Now it was the turn of the side panels to feel the jigsaw blade

Panel masked up ready for the 'blade

Before cutting we had to remove one of the upright ribs from the side panels

Draw around template onto masking tape and then we're ready to cut out the panel

And this is the end result.

Typical of our attention to detail is all of the bare metal cut edges are touched up with paint before fitting the windows into the panels.

Now that the Alpine lights were in place we could install the full length roof-lining. Because we're using the genuine station wagon headlining, the rear section is fitted with a hole where the rear courtesy light is fitted. We could have filled the hole with any lamp and spliced into existing wiring, but we like things to look and operate the way Land Rover intended so a factory courtesy light it had to be. In order for the lamp to operate correctly isn't as easy as it sounds on a three door model that was never built with a rear courtesy lamp in the first place.

Adding a second courtesy lamp into the rear section of the 110 is a time consuming job

Land Rover makes life trickier by offering eleven variations of wiring loom to operate the interior lamps therefore selecting the right wiring loom is critical!

With the roof lining installed the interior is starting to look a little more refined.

Factory roof lining consists of three pieces. Two roof sections and third section that fits above the rear door. They're time consuming to fit but the factory lining is in our opinion far and away the best solution.

Here are some more more in progress pictures.

Steering guard and bumper finishing plate are painted Fiji White to match body colour

Crystal clear headlamps and XS style clear indicators

Crystal clear headlamps and XS style clear indicators and side repeaters

We only use Genuine Land Rover indicators as we've found non-genuine pattern parts to be terrible quality. Fit and forget is way better than fit and fix!

 the rear end aesthetics

We went with clear units at the back and a clear LED fog lamp to balance up the rear end aesthetics. But something still wasn't quite right...

Then a customer rolled up in his new X-Tech 90 and convinced us that all clear LED's at the back was the way forward. Although unlike Land Rover our truck will have ALL LED lamps. Reverse and Fog on the SVX and X-Tech models are regular bulbs!

Java Black painted chequer plate and KBX grilles. No pop-rivets here! Countersunk fasteners and rivnuts into the wing.

Stay tune for more updates

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