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MUD Project Truck

Date: 03.03.2011Post by:

We don't normally take on project vehicles, but when a regular MUD customer asked us if we could help sprinkle some MUD magic over his new 110, we thought it would be fun, especially given the brief.

Our starting point. Not the most exciting vehicle...yet

The customer wanted a vehicle to take out to their property in Spain. The 110 was to be the 'Beach Car' to transport the family for a day out at the beach. This was to be no off-road monster. Instead, the owner wanted a comfortable (Yeah OK, it's a Land Rover!) vehicle with a few cosmetic enhancements as well as some added practicality.

Defender 110 Van is as standard as they come

Trim? What trim? It's a 2011 Defender! What do you expect!

The donor vehicle is a 2011 110 that was so new when it came to us the 11 plate hadn't even been launched. And what were we to do to it? Chop a load of holes in it with the customers permission of course!

The work begins

The first thing was to strip the car of all the unwanted bits. The customer had given us a detailed brief that included colour changes to many parts so the first job was to get the parts together, label them up and send them off to the paintshop.

Land Rover full of parts for the paintshop

 While the painter got busy with the spray gun we cracked out the jigsaw. A full length headlining was on the list of jobs. Only trouble is Land Rover has only ever fitted a rear headlining to a Station Wagon 110 and all Station Wagons have the Alpine windows in the roof. Keeping with the factory look we neeed to fit Alpines into the Van roof section to ensure everything looked right and fill in the gaps in the headlining.

Stuart marks out the position of the Alpine Lights

One brand new 110 with a hole in the roof!

Positioning is vital so that window aligns with gap in headlining section

While we had the jigsaw out we chopped out the bulkhead to install a MUD Bulkhead Removal Bar

The pile of parts is back from the paintshop so things start to get bolted back on. Check out the blog for more regular updates.

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